History of Trinidad


The story of where Colorado Begins...

As an early city on the Santa Fe Trail, Trinidad played host to numerous Spanish and Mexican traders before Colorado was even a territory. Since its incorporation in the 1860s, Trinidad has continued to attract a diverse population, first as a coal-mining city of immigrants, and later as destination of creative innovators in a number of areas. The echo of past people and events lies within Trinidad’s rich architectural history, with structures ranging from adobe homes to the state’s oldest temple. Take a walk on the “Trinidad” imprinted brick-paved city sidewalks dating back to 1910 and discover the beauty of this Southern Colorado town that is constantly reinventing itself.


Trinidad 2018

Come home to live, work, and play.



Trinidad is on the verge of a rebirth. No man knows all the strings connecting time and events, but we do know that the strings have been pulled, and that once again Trinidad is waxing important in the course of its story; the sleeper is awaking and shaking off the dust of its slumber.

As a City, Trinidad is endowed with no few attributes to her advantage. She is place of both natural and architectural satisfaction - not too close to the mountains, nor too far, not too old, nor too new, neither too large, nor too small. She is the Goldilocks of Colorado towns, and it would be safe to assert this is what draws and holds her inhabitants.

This Comprehensive Plan, then, is devised to strengthen and beautify her, and prepare her for another debut in the limelight of regional prominence. She is grand already, yes. But she is impatient to be grander still. This document the cumulative sense of direction of the various policies and urban planning which have, and will, contribute to her future.

It will, indeed, labor to shore up and refine her most admirable assets, and by doing so endear her to not only her inhabitants, but to the many flocks of travelers that visit her gates. Where she lacks, we will build. Where she has, we will innovate. This plan, in effect, works to uncover what is right below the surface, and to realize what her children have long known; that she, Trinidad, is the darling of the new west.

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If you grew up in Trinidad-Las Animas and left to pursue opportunity elsewhere, there has never been a better time to consider a return home. Current events in the community provide native sons and daughters the chance to bring they’re education, work experience, and leadership skills back to be part of something special. Opportunities you felt were unavailable are now here in 2018.  

Do you want to be closer to family? Are you missing the connections found in a small town environment? Have you wanted to start your own business? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then we encourage you to consider coming home. The Trinidad-Las Animas is still a great place to bring family and friends together with goal of improving the community.

The future of southern Colorado is bright and upbeat. A combination of affordable cost of living, creative entrepreneurialism, and new economic realities make Trinidad-Las Animas County an appealing. Take advantage of access to outdoor recreational activities like camping, cycling, fishing, hiking, and hunting to create new family experiences. Give the kids a chance to learn in smaller classroom sizes, to participate in school sports, and foster closer relations with their teachers. Nobody is stopping you from returning home in 2018.


The Trinidad real estate market has steadily recovered since 2013-2014. Total Yearly Commercial sales have strongly improved, with Commercial Building Permit Value increasing 58% since 2015 to $2.7 million.


Our Mission & Vision


Increase community prosperity through economic enhancement in the City of Trinidad, the County of Las Animas and all communities therein.

Trinidad Las Animas County Economic Development is available to support relocation inquiries and enhance outdoor recreation interests to develop a healthier community that attract and retain residents and visitors.



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